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What To Do When You Want Sex and Your Woman Doesn’t

Allow me to turn on the “way back” machine for just a moment and as I do this, think about these words…. (there’s a relationship lesson in this if you play along) “Yeah, Come on, Come On, Come On, Come On Now touch me babe…” I hope you’re not stumped because these words are the […]

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Your Woman is Craving Your Touch–Or Is She?

Recently, in my LightHerUp.com newsletter, I wrote something that caused a firestorm in the relationship of one of my readers. Here’s what I said… “Your woman is craving your touch. She wants to feel your caress, a touch on the back, a touch of the hand as you’re putting the dishes away and any other […]

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Women Have Told Him “This Is a Real Turn Off”– What Should He Do?

I don’t want to get all “barbaric” on you or anything but ever since the beginning of time, we men have killed other men over what we want, what we need and we’ve also killed over what we desire. There’s a question that seems to be coming up for men in relationships with women these […]

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