About Otto Collins

I’m Otto Collins and that’s me you see with my wife, partner and soul mate Susie and I’m glad you found this web site.

If you’re a man…get ready to discover the true secrets to lighting up your woman and getting the love, passion, intimacy and sex you really want in your relationship or marriage.

If you want to know a little of my background… I’m a relationship coach from Columbus, Ohio and I’ve been a contributor to Men’s Health, Marriage Magazine, ABC News, The BBC and hundreds of other media outlets.

Together, my wife and partner Susie and I spend our time helping men and woman create more love, passion and connection in their relationships.

Together, we are the authors and creators of dozens of books, audios and courses on love and relationships  including “No More Jealousy,” “Magic Relationship Words,”  “Should you Stay or Should You Go” and “Red Hot Love Relationships.” Our other online relationship E-Letter for “couples” has over 85,000 subscribers in over 40 countries.

Now…Don’t get too excited about all that stuff about me…

What’s really important here is how I can help you learn how to communicate and connect with your woman in such a way they she can’t help but open her mind, heart and body to you.

Today, I have an absolutely incredible relationship with my wife and partner Susie… but the truth is it wasn’t always that way.

After my previous marriage that lasted 15 years was over, I realized that like so many men I talk to every day– I was clueless.

I did so many downright dumb things that it’s no wonder that marriage didn’t last.

It sounds kind of crazy to say this but…

Leaving that relationship (and my 8 year old son) was so painful for me that it was a huge wake up call for me.

So much so that I made the commitment to myself that I was going to do whatever it took to learn how to do relationships differently and then I would also help as many other people along the way.

I figured out that if I didn’t learn to do relationships differently, my next relationship would turn out the same exact way as my first marriage if I didn’t learn some new skills.

So that’s essentially what I have done in my life for the past 13+ years–learn the true secrets to love, passion, communication and yes even great sex –apply it in my own life and then teach what works to as many people as possible.

If you want to learn how to light up your woman, I’m ready to show you everything you need to know to be able to do that.

Remember, no matter what you want from your relationship or marriage, it’s never too late for love. YOU can have something truly special. I’m going to show you how. Relationship Advice for Men

Coaching With Me Can Help

If you’re stuck and can’t seem to move forward on your own, coaching with me can help. You can call me at 614-459-8121, email me, or go to http://www.relationshipgold.com/coaching2.htm