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If you’re a man who wants to know how to make his woman happy and keep her happy, I’m here for you with plenty of relationship advice for men and marriage advice for men in committed relationships who want to light up their woman.

Are you a man looking for more love, passion, connection and sex from your woman? Have you been all over the internet looking for relationship advice for men with relationship problems? Have you tried relationship counseling or relationship coaching and still your relationship problems with your woman are still there? Have you wanted more from your relationship or marriage and not really felt like you had the communication skills to get the spark back?

If so, then let me assure you that you are not alone. My name is Otto Collins and I’m a relationship coach based in Columbus,  Ohio and am considered one of America’s leading experts on relationship issues that men face in their relationships and marriages.

Since 1999 my wife Susie and I have been writing relationship articles and offering free relationship tips and advice for men and women online. Together, we’ve written relationship books on some really important relationship issues like overcoming jealousy, how to rebuild trust in a relationship, how a man can decide whether to stay in or leave a relationship or marriage, how to improve communication with your girlfriend or wife, how to heal a broken heart, how to know when you should separate and get a divorce as well as some books and courses with really great communication tips.

The advice on this site isn’t about teaching men the latest secrets and strategies about dating or seduction, game-playing, manipulation or any other nonsense.

What you’ll find here are true breakthrough ideas on how to light up your woman that really work–if you work them.

This is where you can tap into the latest relationship tips, insights,  advice and strategies for a man who’s married or in a committed relationship and wants something more than he has right now.

You’ll get information about understanding women, solving marriage problems, how to make your woman happy and how any man can have more passionate love and sex than you ever imagined.

A lot of men ask me what I think some of the biggest challenges men are dealing with in their relationships and I tell them that while men certainly want more sex, passion and intimacy in their relationship or marriage-one of the most important things to married men seems to be the question of how to make his wife happy.

In fact, make her happy was one of the biggest responses I got from men in a recent survey I conducted where I asked the men who get my relationship advice for men newsletter what their biggest relationship challenges were that they wanted to solve.

Sure, the men who visit this site want relationship advice for guys but they want much more. These men want more than flirting tips for men… they want real relationship help for men.

Men and women relationships aren’t rocket science but…if you’re a man you do need some expert advice from time to time so you aren’t one of those men who winds up in couples counseling, divorce court or doing whatever you can to try to get your wife or ex back.

Many men tell me that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get the spark back and have more sex. Sometimes all this requires are some new communication ideas.

My goal for this relationship advice for men site is to give you as much relationship help for men as possible to keep the sexual attraction alive with your wife or girlfriend for as long as you want.  I’m always open to your questions, concerns and relationship and marriage challenges. I’ll do my best to help.

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